Your own personal budgeting-assistant, at your service.

Ever wondered why budgeting apps seem to make you do all the work? Wouldn't it be more useful if an app could create your budget for you? Budgeted will create your budget for you automatically - quick, no hassle budgeting, at your finger-tips.

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Let's face it - working out a budget is nobody's idea of fun.

Fortunately, thanks to Budgeted, you don't have to. All Budgeted needs is a period of time to budget for, and the amount you would like to have saved at the end of that period. Budgeted will then create daily and weekly spending plans for you, completely automatically, and tracks your adherence to your budget over time. Simply put, Budgeted handles your finances, while you get on with your life.

Budget Health

It's no use having a budget you can't stick to.

If this is the case, it's better to know upfront, so you can adjust your spending accordingly. Budgeted tracks your spending to tell you precisely how likely you are to be able to stay on budget, so there are no nasty surprises down the line.

Treat yourself, and others, guilt free.

Need help budgeting for your upcoming events?

No problem. Budgeted allows you to set aside money for particular events and adjusts your budget automatically to account for them. Budgeted can even retrieve birthdays from your iPhone's calendar, making sure you always have money for that all important gift.

Your wish is your budget's command.

When you feel like treating yourself, add that special item to Budgeted's WishList.

Items on your WishList adjust your budget as if the money were already spent, so there's no need to worry about a nasty shock to your finances after buying yourself a little something.

Scheduled payments taken care of.

Use Budgeted to track your bills and income, safe in the knowledge that the future is not uncertain.

When Budgeted knows about your income and outgoings they can be taken in to account when creating your daily and weekly budgets, allowing you to plan for the future with ease.

Budgeted for Apple Watch

Budgeting has never been so convenient.

A simple raise of the wrist is all you need to see how well you are keeping to your budget.

Add transactions on-the-go using just your voice.

When out shopping, add transactions to Budgeted quickly by simply speaking to your watch. Any tags, events, or notes will be detected automatically, and your daily and weekly budgets updated immediately.